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Prepper Basics: Morse Code and the Phonetic Alphabet

USN Morse Code and Phonetic Alphabet

Both Morse Code and the Phonetic Alphabet have been used by the military world over for almost a century now, and for good reason! Along with the many other things you as a prepper should learn and memorize, memorizing Morse Code and the Phonetic Alphabet should be on that list. Although Morse Code is no longer used in it’s traditional form, it can still be used as an unconventional method to communicate with others long or short distance using radio, lights, sound, and a variety of other methods. As for the Phonetic Alphabet, it’s primarily only used when communicating over radio/digital devices to prevent confusion between similar sounding letters. The Phonetic Alphabet is especially useful when communicating over choppy signals or when in loud environments. Several hours of studying is all it will take to memorize these codes, and it’s very likely you’ll one day need this information.

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Survival Psychology and the Will to Survive

The Will to Survive

There have been many cases of people surviving in the most desperate of circumstances who’ve never been prepared, or even given a thought to the prospect of being in such a situation, while others with extensive preparedness knowledge and training have failed to take advantage of their skills and perished. Read more »

Basic Butchering of Livestock & Game – Book Review

Basic Butchering of Livestock & Game

Those individuals that are interested in homesteading should know that it is very important to know how to go about butchering livestock and any possible game that you might encounter.  If you are serious about butchering then you have to make sure that you are getting this book.  You will never be in the dark again.

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How To Survive The Collapse of Society Using The SURVIVAL Acronym


The SURVIVAL acronym is an essential piece of knowledge that every urban survivalist should have. It’s usually one of the first big pieces of useful information that a student of urban survival will learn. It’s taught in the military’s across the world because it works! Keeping this survival acronym in mind will save your butt one day!

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Breaking Into Secure Locations Post SHTF

Sneaking into a Secure Location

Breaking into places will be a valuable skill when SHTF. Almost everything valuable in an urban environment is either locked up or behind a locked door. When considering ways to gain access into secure areas, many people think of picking a lock as the method of choice, but the only occasion when this is truly the case is when your overriding concern is not to leave evidence at the scene. There is a whole array of techniques available; some practical methods are discussed below. Read more »

Some Thoughts on Foraging and Growing Food WSHTF

How to Forage For Food

With such a fragile system keeping the store shelves stocked with food, it’s absolutely paramount that you not only learn to grow you own food, but that you also learn to forage and be able to identify edible plants in and around your city. Such skills are lost to the current generation so it’s important to learn these skills before SHTF since you’ll likely be the only ones that will know how. We gotta keep this knowledge and wisdom alive!

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The Best (NBC) Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Disaster Survival Kit

The Best Survival Kit For A NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) Disaster

Nuclear, biological, and chemical threats will probably be faced by everyone in their lifetime and having the tools to deal with these threats will be paramount to your survival. There are over 450 nuclear power plants on the planet with many of them in the USA, if a large enough disaster were to occur, you can be sure that many of these facilities will go into meltdown. A nuclear power plant going into meltdown is incredibly dangerous but with the right tactics, it can easily be survived. It’s crucial you have the right supplies to mitigate any NBC threat you may face.

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Henson Ong at Gun Violence Prevention Public Hearing

Henson Ong on Gun Rights

You know we’re in trouble when it takes an immigrant to tell the government what our own constitution actually means… Henson Ong is right on the money with his presentation and we think everyone should watch this! Share this with everyone you know!

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Trapping Urban Animals After a Disaster

Hunting Animals in the City

Setting a trap or snare is a good way to catch game if you have no weapons. A trap is also valuable in situations where you do have a gun or air rifle, but the sound of shooting off a weapon must be avoided. This section will focus on undomesticated wild life such as rats, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, skunks and etc. Domesticated animals can of course be trapped but most cats and dogs will be stuck indoors. Cats can often be found outdoors and so trapping can also apply to them. Read more »

Some Thoughts on the Post Apocalypse, and a Good Documentary

the four horsemen of the apocalypse

The 21st century will see more changes then all of human history. Peak oil, peak resources, the food crisis and over population have the potential of wiping out civilization as we know it. Many of us will have difficulty adjusting and many will die. Being able to adapt to a rapidly changing environments and an ability to improvise and make do is the essence of a true survivor. Survival is not only about stocking up and preparing, it’s also about mind set. The future survivors will be free thinkers with an unbounded level of common sense, rationality and connection with reality. Anyways, sit back and enjoy this video: Read more »