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The Million Dollar Survival Kit

Ultimate Survival Kit

So this kit isn’t exactly a million dollars, it’s probably more in the region of about 100k! In either case, we believe this has everything you need to survive the collapse of America and all the turmoil that will surely follow. Is there anything that you would add? or remove? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated, and we’ll edit the kit as time goes on. Enjoy!

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The Best Survival Quotes To Get You Through The Coming Collapse

Survival Quotes for the Coming Collapse

There is value in knowing quotes, they can be looked to in hard times for motivation and moral support. They’re a tool that should be in every urban survivalist’s arsenal, not just for the individuals sake but also for providing support to other people who are having a difficult time dealing with disaster/situation.

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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Family Prepper

Best Christmas Presents for Survivalist

Black Friday sales are bigger then ever this year (especially on so we’ve decided to help y’all out by finding the survival gear with the biggest savings. Just doing a quick search I was finding knives with 50% off or more! Online and Offline, businesses will be starting the Black Friday sales earlier this year so be sure to take advantage of these great deals and get all your Christmas Shopping done now before the prices go back up! Listed below, are the top 10 products we think every family prepper would love to get for Christmas. We tried aiming for products under $50 but we’ve made a few exceptions for a few products that we think are must haves!

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3 Edible Weeds Every Prepper Should Know for When SHTF

Foraging herbs and weeds post collapse

You may be surprised to know that for the most part… we are surrounded by free food. Our lawns are teaming with edible weeds that can be found virtually anywhere in the world. In this post, we highlight the 3 most commonly found/known edible weeds. Post collapse, it’s going to be essential that you’re educated in foraging food from your environment and making the most from what you have. Aside from these 3 edible weeds, there are hundreds more and you should spend the time researching the ones most common to your region.

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How to do a Threat Analysis/Risks Assessment

Threat Analysis/Risks Assessment

A careful assessment of the potential dangers that you may face is an essential element of preparing for survival in your home. These risks can be classified as caused either by nature or by man. The latter include violence in the form of personal assault, terrorism, vandalism, arson, etc.  Nature can bring all kinds of disaster – flooding, wildfire, earthquake, pandemic, hurricane, you name it.

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Urban Survival DVD Review for Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm

Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm

If you’re thinking of growing your own food, you better know what you’re doing. Farming is a skill set that’s quickly being lost and forgotten with the new generation, and it’s more important then ever to learn it now! Peak oil, resource depletion and the collapse of society is coming right around the bend and if you’re not growing your own food now, you’ll be multiplying the amount of suffering you and your family will experience when SHTF. Luckily it’s not too late, and we have a great product for you, that will give you a great introduction to growing your own food.

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The Importance of Urban Survival Caches

How to Make a Survival Supply Cache

A Survival Cache is essentially a hidden storage for important survival gear/supplies that you can go to in the event that your home has been destroyed or you’re unable to get home for whatever reason. Caching your supplies is a highly recommended action for several reasons. Just as squirrels bury their nuts before winter to provide food in spring, you too can learn something from nature. Here are a few good reasons for caching:

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Making Prepping a Family Affair

Family Prepping

At its core, being a Prepper is about two things; independence and safety. Each requires specific skill sets, knowledge, and training. If you are a parent then you have the additional responsibility of imparting that knowledge to your children. It stands to reason then that prepping should be a family affair from day one. The family is a team with strong ties, which can be leveraged for better or worse in an emergency situation.

The following guidelines should get you started.

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Mini-Farming: Self-Sufficiency on ¼ acre – Book Review

Mini-Farming Self-Sufficiency on a quater acre - Book Review

The agricultural sector is very important in the world. All countries rely on it for basic day to day needs and it is a big player in the economy.  Homesteading is very beneficial as a lifestyle of self-sufficiency that can guarantee a person will be fully independent.

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The Perfect Vehicle Emergency Survival Gear For Your BOV (Bug Out Vehicle)

The Perfect Automotive Roadside Assistance Survival Gear For Your BOV (Bug Out Vehicle)

If you have a vehicle, we recommend you prepare an emergency kit specifically for your vehicle. You just never know when disaster strikes so it’s important to have your supplies close by at all times. If you’re ever on the road and end up in a disaster, you’ll be glad you have this kit on you, it could save you and your families lives. The basic emergency kit for vehicles should include the following items:

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