4 Daily Habits That will Make You a Better Urban Survivalist Prepper

Prepping can be time consuming, and expensive, so it’s important that you create a few small daily habits that will build up your stock of food, skills, and gear overtime. By incorporating the 4 habits listed below into your daily life, you’ll eventually (over time) become an extremely advanced urban survivalist. Slow and steady is the thinking behind these habits.

Habits of a Survivalist

1. Read prepping related books/articles for 10 minutes a day. We don’t care how busy you think you are, you have 10 minutes to read! If you do this every day for a year you’ll have read roughly 10 books (10 pages per day x 365 days = 3650 pages). Just imagine all the urban survival knowledge you can accumulate if you just do this one single habit. Just make sure that you’re reading a book that’s actually relevant and is important to your development as an urban survivalist.

2. Have a daily exercise routine. We’re not talking about doing intensive exercise for an 1 hour each day, we’re talking about a simple 10-20 minute moderately intense activity that you can do daily (ideally in the morning). Consider 5 minutes of stretching followed by some plyometrics (like jumping jacks, burpees, squat/jumps, etc.). The results wont be immediate but they’ll make a world of difference when SHTF. Not only will you feel better each day and have more energy, you’ll be able to handle a greater load of stress when the time comes.

3. Slowly add to your food supply. Spend a few extra dollars whenever you’re shopping to purchase non perishable foods/items that you can stock up on. The importance of having a good food supply is that while everyone is out fighting for food (in a post SHTF crisis), you’ll be able to focus on setting up for success. While those caught unprepared are looking for food, you’ll be setting up security, planting seeds, and other long term food sources. Having a minimum 3 months of food will ease the stress on you and your family when times get tough as being able to think clearly without stress will be vital post SHTF.

4. Pick up an urban survival related hobby. Hunting (including fishing, trapping, and tracking), soap making, carpentry, wood working, gardening, and combat sports are just a few examples of hobbies that can come in handy in an urban survival situation. You probably already have a hobby that will be useful post SHTF but haven’t even thought about it. Find an urban survival related activity you enjoy doing, and do it more often, it’s as simple as that. Keep in mind that your gear is worth nothing if you don’t have the necessary skills to use them effectively. We should also point out that you don’t have to be doing your hobby everyday, just schedule a few hours per week towards developing your hobby and over time you’ll become a pro.