Top 5 Self Defense Techniques For Hand To Hand Combat

As the coming collapse approaches, violence and crime will skyrocket throughout society, regardless of how affluent your community may be. As people become more and more desperate they’ll go to further lengths to acquire what they need to survive, even if that means hurting others. It’s human nature and there’s not much that can be done to change that. One thing we can do though to better survive in the coming violent world is too become proficient in combat which includes: knife fighting, firearms proficiency, unarmed combat, primitive weapon use and basic squad tactics. This article will cover the most efficient tactics for unarmed combat.

Top 5 Self Defense Techniques For Hand To Hand Combat

1. Eye Gouging: this is perhaps the easiest/safest technique on the this list and should be the first move executed when you find your self in a self defense situation. Instead of punching with your fist closed, keep your fingers out, spread apart (to increase your chances of hitting the eyes) and jab as fast as you can at the enemies face. If you even graze their eye, it will be their automatic reaction to move back which will give you the opportunity to either go for their ears (to rip them off), grab their fingers (to break them), or to run away (if it’s safe to do so). Unlike a punch to someones face, an eye gouge can permanently disable them for the rest of their lives with very little effort. Damaging someones eyes are the most effective and efficient way to disable your opponent. You can practice eye gouging by aiming for your own eyes in front of the bathroom mirror. Start with your hands down or above your head (in a non aggressive manner) and as fast as you can, jab at the reflection of your eyes in the mirror.

2. Ear Slapping/Tearing: it only requires about 10 lbs of pressure to tear a ear off, and a light slap to effectively shock an opponent by slapping their ears. If the enemy is close enough to punch, they’re close enough to grab/hit their ears, and in terms of what causes more damage tearing someones ear off is vastly more effective and damaging then punching someone in the face (which requires a lot of force to knock someone out). Slapping the ears is extremely uncomfortable and will knock any enemy off his focus and balance (which will allow you to follow up with another attack).

3. Hitting The Throat: The throat is extremely fragile and yet vulnerable to attack. Just as with the ears, if you’re within range to punch an opponent, you’re within range to punch an opponent in the neck (aim for the front of the throat/windpipe). If you do actually hit someone in the neck with enough force, you can potentially (and likely) crush his windpipe which will cause him to die unless he gets immediate help. Understand that this move can kill someone and should be used with that consideration. Only use this move if yours or someone else’s life is on the line. Also keep in mind that you don’t only have to punch the throat, you can: step on it, kick it, choke it, sit on it, lean on it with your knee, or bite it! It’s extremely fragile!

4. Biting: Using biting as a self defense technique is incredibly brutal and will strike immediate fear and shock into the opponent. It’s best used while you’re either grappling or on the ground with an enemy and within close range to each other. Ideally you want to bite the enemies face/neck but biting their fingers, inside of the elbows, nipples (yes, we said nipples, they’re incredibly sensitive and it will hurt like hell!) will be just as effective. If you bite someone with full force, you can easily rip out their flesh, take of a finger, ear (think Mike Tyson) and strike absolute panic and fear into the enemy, allowing you to survive for another day. Keep in mind that biting will come with a risk of either giving or receiving infections/bacteria and should be avoided as a technique if the enemy is sickly looking. Also keep in mind that your saliva is extremely effective at killing many types of bacteria and the enemy is more likely to get an infection then you are if you’re the one biting.

5. Breaking Fingers: fingers are the easiest bones to break/dislodge in the human body and can be easily done with a little bit of force. As humans we’re naturally inclined to not use all our strength when bending someones fingers around but if you’re a fight with someone and survival is on the line, you’ll want to use all your force in the shortest amount of time to cause the maximum level of damage possible. If you manage to get a hold of their fingers, focus all your effort on bending their fingers as far back as possible, and do it fast! Breaking an enemies fingers will effectively prevent them from using their hand for anything, you’ll only have one hand to worry about after that. Once you break a finger, you can follow up with eye gouging, ear tearing or any other violent action you feel will be most efficient.

Conclusion: these self defense techniques are incredibly brutal, but also incredibly effective. Understand that when survival is on the line that anything goes, not just your own survival but also the survival of your families. It’s either you or them so you can’t have any mercy or restraint… YOU MUST COMMIT TO BRUTALLY DAMAGING OR KILLING THE ENEMY. Forget everything you’ve seen in the movies and everything you’ve seen in mixed martial arts because what you’ve seen isn’t real, and isn’t effective. When survival is on the line you have to revert to your animal instincts and fight with the FEROCITY OF A CORNERED BEAST!