Maintaining Good Health Before Society Collapses and SHTF

Those who maintain a healthy lifestyle in peace times and therefore enter a survival scenario with a healthy body will have a “nutritional reserve” available on demand. This is why survival experts work hard at maintaining good dietary habits, getting enough rest and staying in excellent shape.

How to Get Fit Before SHTF

The true survivalist maintains his car in running order with a full tank of gas at all times, so that when an emergency occurs, he can get moving and do what is necessary without having to rely on gas from an outside source that might have been depleted by the emergency. In the same way, the person who will end up as a successful survivor is the person who keeps his body fueled and ready, so that he can have the advantage of starting off “tanked up”.

If you intend to be a successful survivor, be sure to maintain the proper nourishment during peace times. This will insure that when SHTF your energy level will remain high, you’ll be able to think and act clearly, and you’ll be in a much better position to handle the challenges at hand. Others around you by comparison who did not maintain a healthy lifestyle will find themselves at a disadvantage right off the start of the emergency, due to a much lower level of health.

Although we are surrounded by abundance, many people suffer from a veritable poverty of nutrition. Protein, vegetables, fruits and grains make up the kind of fuel that makes your body run smoothly and without them you are cheating yourself and you cannot be at your best.