Urban Survival EDC Checklist

The experts here at Urban Survival Network have come together to assemble this check list of items we recommend for your EDC. Depending on where you live you’ll want to make some changes, for instance if you live in a dessert you might want to consider having a brimmed hat or an extra water bottle on this list. Depending on climate and what’s legal, this checklist will have to be modified to best suit your urban survival needs.

Survival Everyday Carry

_ Tactical Knife
_ Sturdy Pen
_ Notepad
_ Bic Lighter
_ Whistle
_ Multitool (Leatherman)
_ Flashlight
_ Encrypted USB stick (with valuable personal info.)
_ Paracord Lanyard
_ Wallet
_ Phone Numbers/Contact Info
_ Identification
_ 5 x $10 bills
_ $5 to $10 in a variety of coins
_ Smart Phone
_ Battery/charger for Smart Phone

_ Watch
_ Pistol
_ Extra Magazines
_ Pepper Spray
_ High Calorie Snack (nuts)
_ Water Bottle
_ Space Blanket