Urban Survival Short Term Bug Out Bag Checklist

Making a bug out bag? Perfect, because here’s a check list of items we recommend for your urban survival B.O.B. for a short term disaster (several weeks at most). Depending on where you live you’ll want to make some changes, for instance if you live in a dessert you might want to consider having a brimmed hat and a winter toque if you’re living up north. Depending on climate and what’s legal, this checklist will have to be modified to best suit your urban survivalist needs.

Urban Bug Out Bag

_ EDC Kit
_ Medium Sized Back Pack
_ Granola Bars
_ Trail Mix
_ MRE’s
_ Knife, Spoon, Fork
_ Can Opener
_ Snares
_ Fishing Lures/Line
_ Rat Traps
_ Sling Shot
_ Several Bottles of Water
_ Water Filter
_ Water Purification Tablets
_ Tent/Tarp
_ Sleeping Bag
_ Roll Up Camping Mat
_ Rope
_ Bic Lighter
_ Fire Striker
_ Tinder/Fire Starting Material
_ Toilet Paper
_ Soap
_ Hand Towel
_ Hand Sanitizer
_ Pants
_ Shirt
_ Underwear
_ Socks
_ Hat/Toque
_ Poncho
_ Jacket
_ Insurance Papers
_ Birth Certificate
_ Contact Information for Family/Friends/Services
_ Flashlight
_ Extra Batteries
_ Wind Up/Battery Radio
_ First Aid Kit
_ Whistle
_ Signal Mirror
_ Alarm Systems
_ Tactical Knife
_ Firearms
_ Extra Ammo
_ $500 in $20 bills

You may be thinking that this list is somewhat short, if that’s the case just remember this list is for a short term disaster only. Also, we feel it’s important to not bog yourself down with too much weight. Your primary goal in a localized disaster is just to escape the danger zone.