Building Relations with your Neighbors Before SHTF

Getting along with your neighbors will be a crucial element to your urban survival plan. The best scenario you can be in is to have prepared neighbors and fellow survivalist who are constantly stocking up on their food, water, and supplies. People who band together will have a much greater chance of survival. We’re a social creature and we function best when we’re with others.

Prepping OPSEC with Neighbors

Even groups will have their problems. There could be someone who brings the whole team down. There could be religious views that get in the way or maybe you just think your neighbors are pathetic idiots. In either case there is a wide range of possible neighbor scenarios. From best to worst, it can go something like this:

  • Best case: You’re neighbor is fully aware of the situation and is both physically and mentally prepared for a crisis with their own supplies and training.
  • Good case: Your neighbor is aware of a potential crisis but hasn’t prepared, He has no supplies but has agreed to help defend yours as long as you share.
  • Bad case: your neighbor is a sheep that hasn’t prepared for a crisis. They were completely oblivious to any possible problem. They are aware of your supplies but they don’t have their own. They figure they would just steal from you if things got bad.
  • Worst case: your neighbor isn’t aware of any thing. He’s an armed gang member who’s violent, angry and unstable. He was just released from prison and will likely attempt to use violence to get what he wants.

Take the quality of your neighbors into consideration when making your disaster plan. How much violence do you expect to encounter? How strong is the community? If you live in a bad neighborhood consider bugging out or relocating as your first option. If you live in a good neighborhood, talk to your neighbors and inform them of your ideas and plans without telling them how much you’ve prepared. If your neighbors have an interest in teaming up, do the best you can to educate and inform them. Having a strong survivalist team will be the most important factor for when shit hits the fan.