Extreme Weather and the Coming Explosion in Food Prices

Here at UrbanSurvivalNetwork.com, we throw the term Shit Hit the Fan and the accompanying scenarios around a lot. The image of a sloppy turd hitting a fan and spraying everyone is a great analogy for various scenarios. The problem with this is that it fails to bring to mind scenarios that take time to develop, such as the gradual erosion/depletion of high quality top soils. What if a SHTF scenario has been developing all along and we have been either too busy or too blind to see it.

SHTF Extreme Weather Rising Food Prices

For those of you who live in North America, or those of you that own a television, you are well aware of the weather situation. Along the Eastern half of the country we have an overabundance of snow. It is so cold and there is so much snow that there are parts of the States that are experiencing frost quakes. The ground is so cold that it is cracking beneath people’s feet. What normally would be cracks of thunder in the air, are coming from the ground. Now imagine that it has been snowing for so many days, Eastern States are running out of salt. People are literally being snowed into their homes, and told not to leave (even if they could).

On the Western half of the USA, they are having issues with a lack of precipitation. As of this writing, California has just had a storm finally come through with another storm on the way. Up until recently, California was so badly drought-stricken that relief was provided by the President. He pledged tens of millions of dollars but can money really help, when all you want and need, is a little rain? You can make it rain dollar bills, but you can’t make it rain, rain! Unfortunately, these two storms aren’t putting much of dent and more rain will be needed. Whether it happens, that’s up to Mother Nature.

Now combine these two issues and you can see why it would become a bigger problem. With extreme weather comes the loss of food supplies. Droughts can dry up plants, while the cold and snow stops farmers from planting these seasons’ crops. Reduced supply and of course constant demand (will eventually increase as resources are used up) will mean an increase in price or the depletion of resources. It is quite possible that water and food could dry up and while we have the ability to import supplies, they will cost a lot more. If you live pay check to pay check and can only afford what is within your budget, you will be left without food, or resort to looting. Anyone remember Hurricane Katrina? Well imagine that except throughout the entire US. I for one am not looking forward to such an event. Throw in some economic turmoil and some global unrest, and you have the perfect combination for a full on global catastrophe.

The point we are trying to make here is that scenarios build up over time and most take time to build up. A little snow or a little rain might not make a big impact, but a lot of a little, can have huge consequences. Whether you believe in global warming or think that it’s just a myth to increase taxes or take more money out of your pocket, the reality of preparedness couldn’t be clearer. If you live in the US, it has really become more evident for the need to prepare. Government, while great at maintaining the illusion of control and security, is susceptible to the elements, just like the rest of us. I love my country and everyone in it, but that doesn’t mean that I can trust them to save my ass, when any SHTF scenario rises.

There are a lot of sites, pages, and people posting about these situations, but the message we are all trying to get out there is to prepare. Yes that requires you to spend money! No you don’t have to buy the items we suggest, but we are telling you to be ready. If your family is starving, then you will do everything in your power to feed them. Instead of being reactive to the different scenarios, we recommend being proactive. No you don’t have to be a gun-nut about it and turn yourself into the scary dude with an arsenal of weapons and a bunker, but you do need to take steps in storing food, brushing up on your fire making skills, having the tools accessible to protect yourself, and a plan to survive.

If we aren’t going to blow each other up, Mother Nature may be the silent killer who is just waiting to smother us, be prepared!