How to Light Your Shelter When SHTF

When shit hits the fan, turning on the light switch won’t do much. To light your home when the power is out, try the following:

  • Use LED flashlights with a solar battery charger.
  • Purchase a few high quality oil lamps and stock up on oil.
  • Buy slow burn, 100+ hour candles.

How to light your Survival Retreat when SHTF

A Note on Oil

Stockpile lots of olive oil, as much as you can. Not only is it a healthy oil to cook with, it will be a valuable bartering item and it can be used as a clean candle fuel. To make a home-made candle, float a wick in a half-full jar of olive oil and light the wick. Properly stored olive oil can last for hundreds of years. It’s a definite must have!

A Note on Home Lighting

Black out all windows to prevent light from escaping at night (London residents would do this during the WWII bombing raids). Any visible light will only signal you location to desperate hungry people. Black out the windows otherwise you can expect visitors to come knocking at your door. Candles and small LED flashlights are adequate for providing enough light. Avoid attracting attention to your home.